UNODC Vienna, a Side Event on justification of Drug Prevention

On Tuesday 13 March a Side Event was held by the Foundation for a Drug Free Europe (FDFE) in the UNODC – Vienna, during the 61th CND Session in the Room MOE79. The side event had been co-organized with an Austrian association having the United Nations ECOSOC status: Society for the Advancement of Global Understanding (VFV) with the support of the Fundacion para la Mejora de la Vida, la Cultura y la Sociedad (Madrid).


The attendees were about 40 people being State Representatives of Permanent Representations and NGOs. Some NGOs were harm reduction oriented but all  trends were represented. The room was full with people around the table and with some in a second row.


The general theme of the side event was:

Law Enforcement and Sustainable Drug Use Prevention,


with the participation of the following speakers:

-Moderator: John Redman Director of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) of California. He introduced the subject showing how the presentations of the three speakers are correlated with the general theme.

-First speaker: Juan Antonio Cano Carrasco, Commandant in the Spanish Army, from the Technical Team of Drug Prevention at the Ministry of Defense of Spain.  His subject was: Spanish Army’s General Plan on Drug Prevention. His presentation, followed a Powerpoint well documented. The Commandant, explained the importance of education and prevention, the care of the army for its personnel and all the measures successfully taken to keep or get the soldiers free of drugs with the key purpose to conserve their full operational capacity. His presentation was very well appreciated by the audience.

-Second speaker: Mr. Angelo Langé, Policeman from Milano (Italy) who is also an author, artist and passionate of drug prevention. Angelo joined the police when 18 years old to work in the anti-drug activitiy field. Angelo is a special person, he did his presentation in Italian, also translated by Yvan. He was dressed very casually as when working in the streets looking for the dealers. His presentation was: Fighting Drugs in the Streets, illustrated by a video. He is very efficient in his activity and he insisted on the humanitarian side he was giving to his job mainly when addressing the youth. The audience liked this point. Some were not happy with the arrestations but as he said, he was just applying the national law.

Third speaker:Christian Mirre, Ph.D. Biologist from CNRS (France), then drug lecturer and Representative of the FDFE in Brussels.  His presentation: To Protect and Serve Through an Innovative Drug Educational Campaign – Partnering with Law Enforcement Through Prevention Education. He presented FDFE (branch of Foundation for a Drug Free World) that is focusing on drug education prevention and partnering with law enforcement, schools and communities raising the awareness on the drug harming the youth and the society. He showed the importance of prevention to protect upstream of the drug problem and the role of FDFE working in synergy with its partners on the principles of the 2016 UNGASS Outcome Document, caring of public health, human rights, based on the  UN and European Drug and Child Conventions. This was illustrated with the slides of Law Enforcement partners in Police and Army in Europe and around the world using the prevention materials. He gave a great acknowledgement  to all the educators whose commitment protects the society and youth from the harmful drugs.